Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Its unbelievable how children nowadays act, profanity and bad manners have become such a regular part of their lifestyle. I remember when i was a child the only time I used such words were when i read them on a board somewhere, after which I was told never to repeat them. But, now, kids know exactly what they mean and use them generously. Even the age when children start exploring their sexuality increases; its understood that most of this is due to media (eg. television, movies) but, parental control systems are clearly not enough to manage these problems. Because if even one parent allows their child to enjoy R-rated programming, that child may easily pass on their knowledge while in school. An increasing problem that needs to be dealt with, children should be allowed to live their lives carefree and without the worries of an adult. Although the picture attached is cute, remember that it is an example of a problem that we need to adress.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Racism. It's so degrading, we all hate it when someone makes a snide comment about us, and yet we do the same to others. It's interesting how things are so circular. Being a Sikh, it is very easy to be noticed and many confuse us with terrorists, and we get made fun of, constantly, continuously. But, I still sometimes make racist remarks in a joking fashion. Either way, both parties are acting wrongly. People are people. We are all, essentially, the same; and we should love each other for our differences. What kind of world would it be if there was no variation. Boring.

I know saying this is easy, but embracing our differences will make living, for everyone, much easier. I wouldn't have to face stupid comments about my beard or turban; and that is something I would appreciate.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

devil inside

"I trust people. I just don't trust the devil inside them"

Trust is a very confusing matter. You never know the true person behind the mask, the face only shows a remnant of the individual within and not knowing what lies within, is scarier then knowing. The thing about trust is that it can be shattered in an instant, but it takes months, or even years, to build. The fragility of this emotion, combined with the aberrations of human nature make it impossible to build a viable deep relationship with any close one. The devil that lures within, prevents it. And so, what this quotation is ultimately implying is that the real person, hiding behind that impregnable mask, is much more unpredictable, and unstable then the one outside. True human nature, the one that befits us all and the one we all hide, is worse then the fake face we show to the outside world. That, albeit sad, is the true fact of life.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Why do we always depend on others to satisfy ourselves. Whichever way we turn there is something, someone basically controlling every aspect of our lives. In school everyone is expected to graduate, and if the grades aren't as good as their neighbor's kids, they are pressured to improve them so that the parents can be proud of their kid. Why is that we have to look around us before we can ever think about whether or not we are satisfied. It is this reason that things like cars, and makes of cars, and houses, and sizes of residences have erupted in all directions. Everyone is comparing their stuff to each other in hopes of impressing one another and ultimately showing that they are better in order to make themselves feel worthy. Let me tell you a secret, living a life under other people's watchful eye and never looking inwards for what you truly want is a life full of lies; because the only way we can ever be truly happy is if we live under our own expectations and without the influence of society and competition. It is under these influences that people become greedy, proud and angry; it is under these influences that we are succumbed to the 5 vices of the human personality. And under these vices we will never have the chance to truly be thankful for who we are, what we have and our lifestyles.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

money money money money money...

A millennia ago people of the time used a bartering system to attain goods they lacked. For instance, if I had many cows and needed a pig, I would trade my cow with another farmer who had many pigs and was in need of a cow, simple. Nowadays, this bartering system has evolved into a much more complex issue involving money, economics, inflation and many other big vocabulary related to use of, or investing in, those little small pieces of paper we call cash. The interesting thing is, money and the age old bartering system are very very different in one small way. The bartering system involved only what was needed, whereas money involves desires as well. But you know what, when we die, and we will all die, everything that we spent in life, every penny, nickel or dime isn't going to go with us. Our wealth in life will not place us any higher in death, for we are all equal in a world without money. The book, "The Giver" by Lois Lowry is a good example of a classic world Utopia, but also talks about how life becomes distasteful without color and enjoyment. What we fail to understand and misinterpret is that money will provide us with a wealth of colors and bundles of joy. This is certainly not true cause even if it does provide some happiness, it'll only be for a short while and then slowly eradicate itself. In life we spend so much time trying to fit in, make a place for ourselves amongst others and earn a good living; these are all important, but the most important thing of all is to help others.

Charity and community service are highly underrated by those who perform it. Although it only takes up so little time and we feel that we have achieved nothing by standing and assisting this group in that time, the group never feels that way. Every needy person, every organization relies on these small visits to survive. Every small action in helping those who need it will serve as the wealth of life, in death. When it comes the day that you will be judged, it will not be on looks, money or the number of cars and what makes they are; it will be by how you lived your life, who you helped and the true person you were.

Friday, June 30, 2006

What a Sad Place...

Today I woke up and realized just how sad life is. I walk around in clunky cloth called shoes on a road made of hard stuff in a concrete jungle. I mean, what has happened to the green glory of nature, and the soft squishy feeling of grass inbetween our toes, and the feeling of free flowing water lapping on our feet. Everything we do is related to computers, we no longer have to leave the house to get anything, pretty much does that for us, and with a one day delivery process, especially in the USA, who needs to leave the house. All restaurants deliver nowadays so nobody even has to leave the luxury of their houses to get food. It's a sad sad world that almost everything we do revolves around machines, like this computer. How people resort to text messaging and messenger services to talk when meeting in person is just so much more enthralling. What happened to the simple life, of walking up to someone and just talking about whatever pleases us, without having to worry about how they feel about it, or how they might view us after we have spoken? And the best thing is that I can complain and complain and complain some more, but I know that I will never do anything to improve it. It is truly a sad sad world.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The World Cup...

Every four years the entire world succumbs to a little fever called "The World Cup Fever" in which people of all nationalities, wealth and general taste come together to watch the clashing of the greatest football players in the world. I am a great World Cup, but it is only this year that I have realized that in addition to uniting the entities of the world the World Cup creates lots of tension between nations. For instance there was case in which a south American football player accidentally placed the ball in his own goal. Unfortunately, the country took it as betrayal and murdered him upon arrival. Also, fanatics often become so obsessed that a loss often leads to street violence, and further injuries are susceptible. Although these are minor cases, the importance of that Cup has become so great, that many feel the need to have the cup within the borders of their nation. The Fifa World Cup may be a uniting front and has definitly improved relations between many of the participating countries, but in addition to unity, it also creates divergence; in retrospect of nationality and national pride. It's a two way street, just as anything else.